Basalt fibre continuous stitchings for strengthening the dry stone masonry of the Lossetti Tower in Beura-Cardezza (Italy)



Dry stone masonry is widely used in rural and mountain regions and its consolidation is a challenge issue if it is wanted to preserve the peculiarities of masonry texture. In this paper is presented the design approach used for consolidation intervention of Lossetti Tower – a medieval dry stone watchtower located in Beura-Cardezza (Italy, Piemonte Region) – using the technique of continuous basalt fibres stitching, consisting in creating a mesh of BF ropes, which pass through the masonry thickness and tie blocks together. A 3D laser scanner survey of the tower was executed and, to evaluate the technique effectiveness, diagonal compression test on masonry specimens was done, in order to develop a tailored design of the strengthening intervention, in perfect compatibility with the original structures.