In press

TEMA Journal is committed to publishing the articles in the issue immediately after their acceptance through the double-blind review phase. In order to foster research content dissemination, the journal offers the possibility to publish accepted papers as In-Press Articles. This method, already practiced by numerous scientific journals, is intended as an additional and free service for the Authors as well as for the entire scientific community. This practice significantly accelerates the dissemination of contributions (with a fully citable format-DOI-Digital Object Identifier) compared to the longer times of publication of the complete issue.
To this end, after the explicit request of the Authors, the Editorial Board can activate the In-Press Article procedure for the articles accepted in the review phase after the content and metadata check.
In-Press Articles can be published online within 2-3 weeks after their acceptance, as received by the Author, in the form of PDF documents accompanied by HTML abstracts.
Each In-Press Article has a header, online publication date, article ID and Digital Object Identifier (DOI), and watermarks “In-Press Article” on each page. The DOI will also remain unchanged for the editorial version of the article published in the pertinent issue.
Not being in the final version, the In-Press Articles are removed from the In-Press Page on the website at the time of the online publication of the editorial version.
After being published as In-Press, the article follows the standard production process (editorial revision, proofreading of the English language, layout, modification of the layout draft, online publication, and editing before the publication of the issue).


These articles will be published in the next issue