In press

Articles in Press are articles that have been accepted for publication but which have not been formally published and will not yet have the complete volume/issue/page information. Articles listed in this section are intended for publication in Tema’s next issue. The DOI code is provisional, it will be registered at the time of publication. Authors listed alphabetically. Authorship listing by relative contributions will be displayed in the full-text article and final pdf.


The following articles will be published in next issues

Technological analysis of a prefabricated timber-based system for the integrated renovation of RC framed buildings


DOI: 10.30682/tema0802f

The following articles will be published in special issue

Part 2

The roofing structures of the Gothic age in France

DOI: 10.30682/tema08SIn

Historic timber roofs, a knowledge-based approach to strengthening: the case study of a Renaissance palace in Ferrara

DOI: 10.30682/tema08SIo