Application of adhesive technology to a new type of glazed panel for curtain walls with an integrated frame

The adhesive technology offers several advantages over traditional joints, allowing the assembly of construction elements with a reduced number of components. The use of large glazed surfaces is a distinctive feature of modern architecture and is reflected in the curtain walls. In traditional applications, glazed panels simply transfer the stress to the substructure (frame), not assuming a structural role. This article reports the results of an experimental campaign on a new type of wooden panels for windows and curtain walls (patent application No. 1020000023128 and European patent 3071775) which provides for the structural collaboration between the frame and glass panels using adhesives. This solution (glazed panels adhesively bonded to the wooden frame) adequately responds to the performance requirements of the highest class of resistance to wind load for windows (C5 – UNI EN 12207), limiting the maximum displacement within 1 mm (maximum deflection of the order of 1/1500).


Author Contribution

Experiments, writing, conceptualization and revision, F.M.; writing, revision, R.A.; supervision, conceptualization, P.M.